Monday, July 17, 2017

Be the hero in your own story!

I often have trouble finding motivation from within so I sometimes find myself looking for outside sources to gain some motivation. Lately, I have been following Joe Rogan and listening to his podcast and he often gives inspirational speeches about staying on top of things and finding the motivation to elevate your life.  After listening to some of his podcast I always have the urge to either clean, workout, do homework, or go outside. Here is one of my favorite clips. Hopefully, they can help everyone else stay motivated. 


  1. I think everyone looks at some person or some sort of entertainment for motivation. Im struggling with losing weight from having my daughter 2 years ago. I tried diets and I was not motivated to complete them. It was until a co-worker came and talked to me about herbal life and we began to work out together. She shared pictures of her meals, videos of her workouts and etc. She did before and after pictures and it motivated me to do the same. She is such an inspiration and she does it for over 100 people. She helped build confident and turn your I can't to I can. This was such a great video because it reminded me of her Coach Neecee!

  2. Joe Rogan is an interesting character who has been able to excel in a variety of domains ranging from mixed martial arts, hunting, media, and more. He is certainly a strong role model to have and much of the things he says are helpful to apply in one's own life. If you are looking for a person who offers similar motivational points but from a more intellectual and psychological perspective I highly recommend you look up Jordan Peterson. Some of his stuff is political in nature but it is mostly irrelevant to the larger points he has to offer in regards to finding meaning and purpose in life.