Wednesday, July 26, 2017



Per the slides:  Caffeine is the most widely used psychoactive stimulant in the world. 

Coffee to me is a drug I use to stimulate me throughout the day. I prepare my coffee every night before I go to bed.  As soon as I get up I sleepwalk over to the coffee maker and poor me a cup.  I actually take my cup with me to the shower.  I drink coffee all day and I try to stop drinking it by 7:00pm.  I know caffeine has side effects like headaches, anxiety, dizziness, and heart problems but I already quit smoking 15+ years ago. 

The Mad TV Coffee Maniac video was funny.  I can see me acting like that sometimes if I drink too much coffee.

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  1. Hey Andre, thanks for the post, coffee is my go to stimulant as well. I, like you, overindulge in a good thing too, as I cannot seem to satisfy my coffee craving during the school semester. Which is why I try to abstain from caffeine while school is out of session, being that I do not want to become over dependent on the stimulant. However, that too is hard, as I truly enjoy a cup of black coffee and the effects that occur after a cup is done. I guess moderation is the key, as all good things can be ruined with overuse.

  2. Andre, I used to feel the same you do about consuming coffee. First thing in my mind when waking up was getting coffee. I think this habit of mind started when I used to stay up at night doing homework assignments in college. I first started consuming coffee only when I had to cram in assignments, however, I started to crave the taste for coffee and started consuming it every morning.
    Its not till this year when I developed acid reflux that I stopped consuming coffee period. If when my health is involved, I will stop any habit to improve myself.