Monday, July 31, 2017

Book Report: The Willpower Instinct

The Willpower Instinct

Book Overview: This book combines scientific research with insights of the students in the class.The book is based on a Stanford class who say their lack of willpower is the number one thing that holds them back. The best way to improve self control and to succeed is learning how to fail and understanding it. Being overly optimistic is negative because you can not see your own flaws and true and honest self knowledge is the foundation of good self control. Overall it is about how to not only get more self control to have more willpower, but how to be effective at managing it. 

Related:This book relates to the powerpoint slides Impulsivity and Self-Control. It talks about how self control is not an issue of willpower but is in an issue of conflicting outcomes. Procrastination is often a huge problem in the willpower of people. It halts many things from getting done and it really affects willpower in a negative way. The slides talk about Ulysses and The Sirens, he is warned about The Sirens who are monsters that act like two beautiful women who trick sailors and want to kill them. He wants to get home to Penelope so he covers his mens ears with bee's wax and ties themselves down so that they will not be tempted. They acted earlier when they had self control in order to prevent their death, and because of this they lived. This means that there is nothing to really help a person have perfect self control or willpower, but how to manage what they do have in a timely matter, and this book explains that.

Favorite Part: I really liked this book mostly for the fact that I feel as if I have no self control and willpower or just really poorly managed self control and willpower. It is extremely hard for me to get my school work done when I have a lot going on in my life. But thins book taught me that I do have self control and willpower, I just need to learn how to manage it in an efficient way for myself. This book really gave me some good ideas on how to manage my willpower in order for me to be completely focused on school and giving it my all in order to get the good grades I want. 

Applications in my own life: This book talks about learning how to fail before being able to succeed. I think this is my biggest flaw and problem. I get extremely upset and down when I fail and I think that I will never be able to succeed at the same thing in the future or the next time I try. This really affects me in school, if I do bad on a test I get really hard on myself and I make myself believe that it is the only thing I can do, and that I can never get better. With managing my willpower and accepting that sometimes failing first makes the second time ten times better, is a technique that I am going to use next time I fail at something because of this book.

You have the power to choose your own path through success and failure in order to gain self control and willpower. 

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  1. Success and willpower are sometimes you must have seen used interchangeably. I believe to be successful you have to have a lot of willpower. This willpower encompasses being able to handle your successes along with your failures. You are never a hundred percent going to win and you aren't always going to lose either but you have to keep that in mind whenever you think that you are not good enough.