Wednesday, July 12, 2017

To Continue or not, that is the Question

Should you continue to do what you are doing even if it feels like you are failing at it?


Speaking on a personal level, I believe the answer is subjective. I feel like a person should continue doing what it is they were previously doing regardless of how he or she fairs. Why I think this is substantial to learn. I feel that when we give up, we make ourselves seem as if we were to weak to continue on. I have changed my major at college for example a number of times, and this was not because I did not want to do the major, but because I was having a great amount of difficulty in completing the major with all the course loads. 

Watch the video on resilience:

We sometimes give up easily and we don't give ourselves the chance to deserve to shine. We all are special and we inherently have the ability to hone on our talents. We can brush up on where we fall short and it is integral to never give up!

A word of wisdom for all those people reading the post:
People will tell you: You are not good enough. But let me tell you one thing assertively- you are just as good as anyone out there and this is nothing but the truth. Never let anyone tell you that you don't matter because you most certainly do matter and you're unique, and nobody snatches that from you and your personality. You are the most special person and read the bit of inspiration at the bottom of the page. You can do anything you put your mind to.


  1. Nice post! I Related with you on feeling overwhelmed in a major's course load. I used to be a history major, and remember feeling like I would never graduate. I felt like it was so difficult and I got discouraged to the point that I dropped out of Stockton for a few years. I later found a job working in substance abuse treatment, and became inspired to pursue that field. I re-matriculated at Stockton and changed my major to psychology. My goal is to be an LPC and LCADC. I'm now four classes from graduated and I've greatly improved my GPA. As cliche as it sounds, if we find what we're passionate about and put effort into pursuing it, anything is possible.