Thursday, July 27, 2017

Procrastination is easy...

Nike tells us, "Just do it!" This is SO much easier said than done. I struggle with this in school. Sometimes it amazes me that my GPA is so high because I have a high level of procrastination and a LOW level of motivation up until the day before (or sometimes the day OF) a due date. I think my lack of motivation results from the fact that I still get very good grades when I am giving the least amount of energy to a task. I think things would be different for me if I was failing exams due to not studying instead of being pleasantly surprised with my high Bs and Low As. Sometimes, I wonder would I be a 4.0 student instead of a 3.7 if I just applied myself. Then as soon as that thought crosses my mind, it immediately exits and I go back to snapchat. Because in reality....

....and this folks, is exactly how I tend to think. I found a good youtube video that actually did evoke some sort of inspiration deep within me. So I figured I would share with you guys. I think I may add it to my daily routine. Watch it anytime I feel myself slacking. Grad school starts next semester and I don't think that my way of doing things is going to work out so well.



  1. Yes, I agree with you Chavonne.

  2. Hey Chavonne, thanks for the post. I, like you, unfortunately have the same problem, as I am content to be pleased by surprise high grades, rather than knowing such grades are assured by my persistent hard work. However, after reflecting on the situation over the course of my college career, I have come to the conclusion that all students are not made equal and that study habits meant for some are not meant for others. Not that there is anything wrong with being super prepared, but I do think that there is something to be said of the students (like us) that can attain the same high mark as a long hour peer in half of the time. All in all, if it's not broke I wouldn't fix it, but I would encourage you to be hyper vigilant in what study habits work for what class, as well as urge you to stay on top of your coursework, being that busy work can often times turn to torture depending on the class.

  3. I truly believe my GPA would be out of this world if procrastination was something I could stop doing. With every new semester I tell myself I will finish things early, and work ahead. However, when I sit down and attempt to do things before I am pressured, I seem to draw blanks and cannot even find a place to begin with my assignments. So, I push them aside and as my deadline approaches I fill with motivation to get these assignments done. I have picked up a lot of little aspects from this course that I believe will help me to procrastinate less in the upcoming fall semester.