Monday, December 12, 2011

Study buddy?

When it comes to attention deficit I am a definite candidate. During my junior year of High school I began to have very bad attention problems, which was leading me into bad situations, and poor work in school. Up until this point I had been a very good student and couldn’t understand what was happening to me. The problem was I was just prescribed aderrol, nobody really talked to me about it or counseled me, or related to my feelings. In the beginning I thought it was great, the first time in a while I could think completely clear. These feelings of euphoria soon wore off and feelings of isolation, and depression set in. It was at this point I could not stand taking the medication any more so I took myself off of it and that was that.

Now years later I am at college and I must admit from time to time I have done similar medications to help me with assignments, the difference I have noticed is that I have matured a bit and can handle myself, and regulate my emotions at a better level. It is a very debatable topic but I do believe that these types of medications are necessary for some people, not all though.

My overall opinion is that people should be screened much more intensely as well as having monthly or regular appointments to talk about the medication and its effects. I personally have not found that these types of medications are addictive, because of the adverse effects it had on me.

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  1. The Study buddy, is an addictive drug that has and remains a controversial topic in our society. I'm glad you had control over it rather than it having control over you. There are many kids at the mere ages of seven years old who sits in class like zombies and hardly anyone is seeing the negative effects of it. Good topic.