Monday, December 12, 2011

Post 5 addictions

I wanted to blog about this particular topic because of its particular relevance to my personal life. Although I have never been dependent on any pain killers or heroin, many of my friends have, or are still fighting this seemingly endless battle.
Like the text and many other sources these addictions start very playfully and recreationally but turn very quickly into a vicious cycle changing the brain chemistry of these individuals, as well as their actual thoughts, and perceptions of reality. The hardest thing I found while trying to talk some sense into my good friends is getting them to not only listen but understand. It is very difficult to get a drug addict to number one, admit there is a problem, and number two accept the fact that they need help. The problem with alot of the younger generations doing drugs is that they make their own reality that they believe is right. For as many times as one can preach to a drug addict, every single time until there is a notable change they will agree with you on the outside, but not internally.

Through my experience with my one good friend I found that support is very helpful, as well as some long, deep conversations about life, its meaning, and an individuals purpose. There are several motivating factors to stay a drug addict, but what needs to stand out are the motivating factors to get out of this reality. Also I thought learning about the opponent process was very interesting, and something that all addicts or former addicts should know.


  1. This is a topic that I personally deal with myself with a close relative! It is hard! Addiction and the motivation to pretty much do nothing is beyond hard for me to watch! I understand where you are coming from! Support systems are key!

  2. I can definitely understand what you mean when you say you find it very hard for the addict you're talking to to even understand what you're saying. My brother is a recovering heroin addict and there were times where you could tell him something so simple and morally correct (in a normal mind) and it would be like talking to a wall. He wouldn't even see what your point is. Such a terrible thing that has become so common.