Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Luck Factor

This article struck me big.  I think luck, or at least coincidences, can truly alter the course of peoples lives. I have a couple examples of these types of occurrences.  My sister had been struggling getting into med school.  Even though she had a 4.0 in grad school and a 3.9 in undergrad, her MCAT scores were poor.  She took the MCATS a bunch of times and applied anywhere and everywhere but couldnt get in.  One day she was in one of the MANY starbucks in D.C. and literally bumped into to the dean of admissions of GW University.  They got to talking and she got an interview, the next semester she was a first year med school student.  Another example of this is of my own benefit.  I was dating this girl on and off again, hadn't talked to even seen her for months, and all the sudden i get a call and she tells me about this cross country trip that she was doing.  I was very interested and somehow a ended up on this trip.  On the trip i met the girl of my dreams, someone who grew up 15 minutes from me and attended stockton and i'd never seen her before.  We fell in love and share many of the same dreams and aspirations, since this trip my life has been completely different and i've made so much progress in myself and toward my ultimate goal in life, happiness.  Good things come from following your instincts and opening yourself up to opportunities, sometimes you can make your own luck.

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