Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Final Post Project

Motivation refers to why a person does somethinhg, not how a person goes about doing it.  Through the semester we have learned anout factors that cause motivation in people and why they motivate people.  Some of the forms of motivation we have covered include internal factors such as a drive for success in something, emotional factors such as fear, happiness, and sorrow and how they motivate people, or addictions and how they drive people to do things. 
My favorite part in this class though was the section about biological motivators, in particular the universal motivators all humans have.  Universal motives are motivators that all humans need such as food, water, reproduction, music, and shelter.  To me though the most interesting is one related to reproduction, this one being mate value.  Mate value that is a characteristic that defines how "desireable" a person is to the oposite sex; the higher the mate value the higher the level of disire will be.  One way of asessing ones mate value is by using a mate value inventory, this is a series of questions about the person such as desire for children, health, level of loyalty, level of ambition ect... the questions are given a point value from -3 to +3 and the total score is added up, the higher the the score the higher the person's mate value is. 
This video describes how this idea of mate selection was first discussed ny Charles Darwin and how this idea is still just as relevant today as it was then.  The only major change to it is that people have over time added factors to mate selection to make it a more complicated "equation".  This topic in particular is something that can be carried far into life and will be very very usefull in many real life situations.
Overall this has been one of the more usefull and entertaining classes I have taken, not only at Stockton but at any University I have attended.

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  1. Learning about the universal motivators was a great section this semester.I never really thought about how all humans share some of the same motivators. I liked that you spoke about mate selection too because that was a very interesting topic covered.