Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Final Post

This semester we discussed many aspects of motivation and how different factors socioeconomic/environmental effect our decisions and consequently, our motives. Like many have said already, I share personality traits of extroversion. Keeping an open mind and an optimistic perspective towards new, sometimes exciting and bold opportunities can result in good experiences. Experiences shape whom we are as individuals and our motivation to behave or pursue different avenues is the basis of living. Motivation for me is a bettering of one's self to ultimately achieve a comfortable, security of happiness so that when years pass and the end is close to follow, death, I'll be satisfied in knowing I have no regrets. Without motivation, we wouldn't be the triumphant species of this planet. The motive to become greater, achieve the most possible goals in the direction in assisting one's future either individually, for family and community. It all ties together in where motivation stems. The tree of success did not dwell on the rains that had not come, but on the rains coming.

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