Saturday, December 10, 2011

Free Post (Mate Selection)

For the free post I choose mate selection. This was interesting to me to see how people pick the other sex that they would like to be with. I learned a lot of different terms such as sexual selection, mate value, and mate poaching. Also after watching a short experimental video, people tend to pick people close to their number of attractiveness. Fives with fives, and sixes with sixes and so on. Sexual selection is defined as “one sex selects the individual from the other sex for mating based on physical attractiveness.” Mate Value was defined “one’s personal characteristics that makes them desirable to the opposite sex.” And lastly mate poaching is when someone “attempts to attract a person who is already in a relationship.” Men tend to do it about 60% where as women tend to do it about 40%. All in all this was neat to learn about and glad I got the oppurtunity.

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