Friday, December 2, 2011

Post Four -Stress

Post Four – Coping with Stress

I think coping with stress is very subjective. I recall something that I learned in another one of my courses. It was a Skinnerian way of thinking; therefore it was all about behavior. My teacher said, you know, if you went to Skinner and said you were depressed, he would say I dont know what that means. What behavior do you have?’” So, for example, if being depressed for you were not smiling, not laughingetc., he would say change that behavior. Start smiling and laughing and you will eventually fell happiness. I thought about this and I agree. I think your environment and behavior have a huge impact on your mood.


  1. I think that you are exactly right. My work has a girl who is always negative. She is a negative person! She talks about people behind their backs and is always complaining about EVERYTHING! Come to find out that she has her own eating disorder issues and apparently that is why she is so negative. She is unhappy about her weight so she takes it out on everyone else. I sometimes find it difficult to go to work because I just don't want to be around the negative environment. I don't want to become that negative person like she is. So everyday I find myself just smiling around her!

  2. I like your thought process with this. The whole idea of looking at this from a person's perspective is cool to think about, and yes, that's exactly hwo I think Skinner would respond.

  3. I most definitely agree with you too Jess. Your environment and behavior does have a huge impact on your mood. I agree with the Skinnerian way of thinking too.