Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Final Post

This course, motivation, was interesting and explored many aspects of motivation. We learned what motivation was and how it affects us in everything we do. I was surprised to see how everything we do would be tied into this course. Some examples of this are getting out of bed in the morning, going to class, doing homework, getting assignments done on time, choosing the people we talk to throughout the day, what things we want to eat that day, and what we want to do that day. Everything that we do has motivating factors that were discussed in this class.

One thing that I really enjoyed was reading the articles. The one that I enjoyed the most was the article on luck. It gave me a new way of looking at things. The part that I found the most interesting was the part about optimistic people being luckier then pessimistic people. I also enjoyed the article on adderall. I like how the author added his experience from taking adderall in the article. The topic that we covered in class that I thought was the most interesting was mate selection. In one of the videos we watched in class about mate selection, it shows girls going after men based on what car they drove and how much money they looked like they had. The women in this video said they wanted to find the man that everyone would be jealous about. Another aspect of selecting a mate that I found interesting was mate poaching. This is an attempt to attract a person who is already in a relationship. Mate poaching happens more often than I thought it did. Overall I really enjoyed this class and I learned many things I didn’t know before.

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