Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Final Post

Motivation Psychology is a great class to take whether you are or are not a psych major.  This class goes into detail about everything from our environment, our biological functions, and our physiological beings.  We started by attending to the idea of emotions and what role they play in our motivation.  Then, we discussed what our body makes us motivated to do, whether it be eating or drinking, sexual encounters, musical likes and dislikes, and even talk about how fear is a strong motivator.  A cool part about this section of the course was mate selection, which was interesting to learn about how when a man has less money, he likes a bigger woman, and when a man has more money, he likes a smaller woman.  We talked about drives and needs of people like the need for power and self-esteem and achieving goals and we even talked about unconscious motivation like reflexes.
I thought some of the coolest things we learned about were the things we could relate to our daily lives like losses and gains and incentive values.  It was cool to learn and observe how people made different decisions based on a slightly higher possibility of loss and how some people will always choose a sure gain.  One thing that i think about on an everyday basis when performing a task is the relationship between performance and anxiety.  I try to keep my anxiety level down and at a comfortable range when i skateboard and surf so i can perform at my best.  Also, i find myself making goals for myself and trying to view each step as an esteem boosting accomplishment, i feel it has helped my overall mood and positive energy i feel.  This class as a whole was a great experience and the in class discussions really helped me connect things to the real world, i just wish everyone participated more. lol


  1. I agree that this class is great for not only psych majors, but all majors. It really opens your eyes to many aspects of life. From our environment to emotions, mate selection, and addiction, and so on there were so many subjects that everyone could relate to and learn from.

  2. I definitely agree as well! I am not a Psychology major and I found this class to be extremely informative. Like you, I also enjoyed the section covering mate selection.