Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Luck Factor

Richard Wiseman's article "The Luck Factor" was a very interesting and eye-opening read. Before I read the article, I thought about the idea of luck and it's connection to science. My immediate reaction was that there was no relation. Luck does seem to follow certain people more than others but I was very curious to see how it was connected to facts and real life scientific results.
I found the article very interesting and the studies that were done taught me a lot. I do typically consider myself an unlucky person but now i know that simply saying that, will only make me more prone to noticing unlucky situations i get myself into. The main concept of luck also deals with superstition. Some people are extremely superstitious whereas others never think about situations as being superstitious. If a person believes in superstitions, they re much more likely to see various situations as lucky or unlucky and relate them to a superstition.
The results that Wiseman came up with were very informative. I do believe that his theories are true and we have nearly complete control over our own luck and eventual happiness. If we are conscious about being lucky and in positive situations, we will find ourselves in lucky and positive sistuations.

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  1. Supersition seems to be a factor with people who fee that they're unlucky and it affects how they view their "unlucky" situation.