Monday, December 12, 2011

Cognitive dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance

This article made a lot of sense to me. The reference to two notes that do not comprise a specific chord not sounding well together helped me bridge the gap between what I know, and this theory. Cognitive dissonance seems to be two conflicting variables within people. Examples of cognitive dissonance in myself would pertain to my personal view of myself, and the views others have of me. I feel that I am judged, and more often than not people have this idea of me that is completely untrue. Because of these conflicting thoughts in my head, especially when a professor loses faith in me, or never had it to begin with, I have this inner battle of whether they are right or wrong.

Another example would be procrastination of important assignments, I know inside that I should get them done, and that it would be of much greater ease to do so in a timely manner, but I always seem to have this conflicting thought pertaining to being able to do it later. The way to get around this is to really weigh your options and set your priorities straight, which I do sometimes have trouble with.

When I was prescribed adderol there was a certain amount a dissonance, and even is to this day. The conflicting variables involved me not being good enough to succeed without, and me not feeling emotionally alright while on the drug. Well I decided to stop my medication and do things the old fashion way at the end of senior year. The problem is this stuck with me throughout college, thoughts saying, well maybe I am not good enough, and maybe I need to be medicated. But in the end I made it through the dissonance.

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