Sunday, December 11, 2011

Final Post-- Optimism

I can identify motivation everywhere since taking this class this semester. Who knew that why we choose things in our lives can have so many facets. Choosing our mate, our careers and even what kind of cereal we eat , they are all decisions affected by the word"motivation".
I read a recent article in the June Psychology Today magazine that I want to share. Written by Jill Coody Smith, the article, "Optimism, Optimized" plays like a board game. The author asks the question;Is optimism always best tactic to use in life? She says research has determined the answer is "not always!" Sometimes expecting the worst helps us get through waiting for results; like waiting for SAT results, medical test results. Preparing for bad news prepares us for the inevitable and when the news is better than expected, we are relieved. Another benefit of expecting the worst in medical treatment is that preventive medicine; flu shots, mammograms, physicals, they all work toward our healthy future. Another scenario presented was a parent dealing with their teenagers. We should always expect the best of our children. If you expect that you child will drink or have sex, you may create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Iowa State research has shown that mothers with low expectations for their kids will raise kids that embody the "party animal persona". College grads that are confident are more successful at job hunting than are pessimistic grads. NYU researcher cautions grads to expect the best but to be realistic. He stated that job seekers should not fantasize about their own capabilities, just work hard and persevere.
The article had other interesting points, find it if you get a chance. Again, motivation is so complex but simple at the same time. Life is full of opportunities to see the "Glass half-full." Optimism is generally good for our attitude, relationships and physical well-being.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Helen Keller

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