Friday, December 2, 2011

Post Five – The Luck Factor

Post Numero Cinco

I found the area of the article that discussed Superstition very interesting. I think superstition is a powerful thing. I mean, I know that knocking on wood will not affect anything, but yet, I still do it. I mean lets be real crossing your fingers. I cross my fingers every time I check my mega millions lottery ticket(s) and last time I checked I still dont have 200 million in my bank account. So, what makes us do things like that? I mean, maybe it gives us hope or optimism. Maybe the sheer fact of knowing that were knocking on wood or crossing our fingers gives us a sense of calm. If we dont, could he be a cause of basic anxiety? Perhaps.

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  1. I know I knock on wood too when I think I've "jinx" myself. When I was in grade school I would never step on the crack cause I didn't want to break mommas back. Sometimes I feel we are superstitious and don't even realize it. But it does give us optimism to think that crossing our fingers and knock on wood will give us the happiness and hope we feel we deserve.