Thursday, December 8, 2011

Never stop! Do it Now

Inspiration Every artist was first an amateur, nothing is impossible, do it now! Never stop, these are some of the many quotes used to help inspire us to do what we have no desire to do. As humans, we need this as one of our survivor mechanism. Motivation is a term used in the attempt to get yourself or someone else to get some sort of elevated energy to do what needs to be done. Is the attempt to find a desire to do something which most of time we don’t desire. Poems, quotes, songs, videos and classes such as this one, make that same effort to help others or themselves without a longing. Is one of the most important tools to have as a human: from preschool till we die, we need desire to do things. Without it, we sometimes fail to make our dreams come true; chores as simple as just getting up and going to work can be a problem. I know now for a fact that motivations play a vital role in my life. The motivation to go to college and stay in college till my graduation.; it takes more than just saying , it takes doing ; the strong power of will. Motivation can be biological, psychological and environmental. Biological aspect of stress includes topics such as, evolutionary motivation: universal motives such as sex, fear, food and music. Addictions, Homeostasis: temperature, thirst, hunger and eating. Behavior: Arousal and affective valence, coping with stress and health. Psychological aspect deals with drives, needs and awareness, Personality and self-motivation, extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, goal and economics, motivation; and also emotions and moods and as motives. Motivation whether biological, psychological and environmental; is an essential need in every human life.

The silent Killer
“The silent Killer”, is the other name used to refer to stress. This is due to its remarkable ability to cause life threatening diseases. It is known to cause high blood pressure, chest pain, and irregular heartbeat. Graying of hair and hair loss of most people are also due to stress. Stress, coping and health; chapter seven of the text book gave me a deeper knowledge of the impact of stress to the human body. I had a very bad experience with stress about a year ago, it changed my whole persona. I lost almost all my body weight, 70 pounds. Even though I appeared fine and I wasn’t feeling sick, my body was communicating something different to me. My face had lost all the fat and it looked lean and my clothes couldn’t fit anymore. I couldn’t concentrate on anything and it felt like whatever I did was wrong. I felt like I had no self-confident and I was slowly losing my sense of self. Stress took over my life and made me feel miserable about myself and everything I did. It took me awhile to recover from this horrible situation and what I call the worst time of my life, was a very dark place; I never wish to be again. Learning about stress in class open my eyes even more to understand exactly what happen to my body during my experience. I know what is does to the body and ways to prevent it. This was by favorite topic on the entire course because of its importance but yet people have a very low lack of knowledge about it. Due to stress consistent impact in our daily lives is hard to control it; we do not even realize its impact sometimes or that we are even stressing most of the time, therefore it goes unnoticed. Stress awareness needs to be highly raised, in order to help prevent all its consequences.

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  1. Nancy I'm in total agreement with you on "the silent killer". Stress can cause some devastating effects if it is out of control. The many side effects alone can be detrimental to someone's health. Very important topic.