Sunday, December 11, 2011

Final Motivation Post

Motivation is a class where the information can be directly applied to your every day life and for me those are the best classes. The study of motivation aims to discover what motivates us to behave in a certain way. Understanding motivation is a critical concept in the study of psychology. In psychology we study behavior and motivation is what causes specific behaviors. If we can understand what motivates humans, then we can understand behavior and then aim to predict, explain and control it.

This class taught principles of motivation; the history and evolution behind it, how it affects human drives and needs, how it affects our health, personality and how we can impact what motivates us. By learning these theories, we can have better self awareness and better understand our own behaviors. Studying motivation opened my eyes to my own behaviors. I found myself becoming more aware of the things I did, what I accomplished and how I went about the task. Motivation covers behaviors from beginning to end, from what motivates us to act, to how we act.

As someone interested in studying Industrial Organizational Psychology, this class was very important to this area of study. Motivation is a key factor in studying human behavior in organizational settings. Organizations need to understand motivation in order to run an effective business. To manage a successful workforce, you need to know what drives them to perform at their optimum levels. Leaders need to know how to motivate workers and understand behaviors. Motivation is a critical component in every organization.

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