Saturday, December 10, 2011

Final Post

This year in motivation class, has opened my eyes to new ways of motivation. The more I understood motivation transformed my new regiment. My new regiment consists of more structure and a drive for success. I purposely do actions now to benefit me but I do make time for help to my friends. Helping my friends motivates me because I want the people that surround me to succeed. I dont want to associate myself with someone that goes through the rungs of society. I want friends that ripped out those rungs and shot a grappling hook to get to the top. The point of class that stood out the most and spoke to me was the Aderal and the talk about enhancing chances in gambling. As a brother of someone with ADHD, I found the author of the ADD article to be a load rubbish, and  it motivated me to do more research into ADD. I found that evidence has shown that Albert Einstein had ADD. This little caveat of information was brought to my brother and we talked about it. After the discusion we both established out new routine to obtain more efficiency and success. We now shoot short films, music video, and soon we will be working on a pilot episode with a local director that we both know.

We are now re-shooting our latest project, and we're really motivated to get this start-up production company off the ground. I am motivated to not be that typical person that says they shoot films and has home videos of horrible footage. I want to have backing of my claims. Here is our latest project which is now in reproduction to fix some loose strings. Tell me what you think : -Philip Bosco


  1. This is a great clip, best of luck to you! And I think its great that you are applying the things we learn in class to make your life better and make changes, that is what learning is about!

  2. I agree with Emily, this is a very nice clip and I wish you the absolute best of luck! It is awesome seeing you apply the things wee learned in class to your life, I found this class very interesting!