Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Luck Factor

When reading this article what stood out to me was the meanings behind the superstitions that people believe in today. That knowcking on woods relates to the help of the powerful tree gods. I'm not sure about that due to no proof yet I still do it. I think today superstition is psycological to the max. What is the harm in knocking on some woods to make you feel better about a situation? There is none!
I also believe that there are lucky people out there but they are currently recieveing the smaller, sooner rewards. Where as those who are not lucky are working hard and haveing hardships to only recieve the larger, better reward in the future.
Some peoples luck is unexplainable and stirs up questions that some of us tend to ask the higher power about. For example, I know someone whose delt with drug addiction and yet everytime they get a lottery ticket they win money that they will most likely use for drugs. Why, I ask our higher power, and someone heard me and said Money is a fragil things and has nothing to do with God, yet it still boggles my mind!
To me taking risks or chanceing something is usually a situation that one feels cofident enough to accomplish therefore "luck" comes there way. To me its not luck its a feeling of success that pushes or motivates one to succeed.

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