Thursday, December 8, 2011

Final Post

Overall in this course I have learned about the different things that affect motivation. I've also learned how some motivations are natural ones, like hunger and thirst, and how there are others that require outside motivation, like goals in life. Some of the things I was really surprised to learn because I had no idea, or I thought differently. I also learned about the different types of arousal. When I thought about arousal, I never really thought about it on a level type of way. I thought arousal was just arousal, not physiological, brain, and psychological.
My favorite topic in the course was also the chapter on drug addiction. That has always been one of my interests because I think it's amazing how differently people are affected by various drugs, and how some people become addicts and some do not. I've always considered going into drug counseling, or something similar, so whenever a class covers drug addiction, I pay extra close attention to see what else I can learn, and to decide if it's still a road I want to go down. I'm still on the fence about it, but with each class that covers it, the more and more I'm intrigued.

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