Thursday, November 3, 2011

Temperament Behavior

Temperament behavior, the genetically inherited characteristics are often shown in dogs. Each breed of dogs has different temperament characteristics that are often defined in dogs that are bred together. An example of temperament characteristics would be the two dogs that I have. My older dog is a jack russell terrier and a miniature collie and he has the temperament of both. He likes to hunt things in the backyard which is a temperament of the jack russell. My dog is also intelligent like a jack russell, and he is very vocal. The temperament he has of a miniature collie is also the intelligence level and his appearance. The intelligence of my dog helps him to be capable of learning things through repetition that my dad teaches him. An example of intelligence is that he responds to the words "Do you want to go for a ride" by barking and running to the door. My other dog is a puppy that I got about a year ago and he is a Chorkie which is a Chihuahua and a Yorkie mix. My puppy has the temperament of a Chihuahua in the sense that he is very protective and he chomps his teeth when he is excited. My puppy is a fun loving, cuddly dog to the family, but he is resistant toward strangers. When it comes to appearance, my puppy has pointy ears that stand straight up which is a trademark of the Chihuahua. The appearance characteristics of the Yorkie is that he is built like a Yorkie, and has the same coloring. Certain things that each dog do are also examples of their temperament and we often find ourselves comparing each thing to the dogs that they are bred with.

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