Sunday, November 20, 2011

Luck Factor

I really enjoyed this article because it had some very interesting ideas on luck. Many times I have questioned why some people are more lucky than others. I have some friends who have bad things happen to them and just seem to be unlucky all the time. On the other hand I know people this is not true for. Also if I had to . I always wondered why this was so and if it has to do with behavior or thinking. I liked that the article talked about superstitions and where some of them came from. It makes sense that superstitions have been alive and passed on from generation to generation. They are a way of trying to control luck. Then Wiseman went on to talk about the four basic principles for generating own good fortune. I liked the experiments he conducted, especially the one with newspaper. It was crazy that the unlucky people missed the big writing on the page when the lucky people saw it. Even when it said stop and you will receive money that unlucky people missed it. The experiment really points out the correlation with luck and chance opportunities, specifically the ability to spot out such opportunities.


  1. I really enjoyed this article too. The newspaper experiment had insane results. I kind of want to conduct this experiment on myself and others and see how they perform. I also have a friend who has the absolute worst luck with girls. He is the sweetest guy and he always picks out girls that seem nice and normal and then they can crazy. I always tell him his luck will change and he'll find the love of his life if he keeps his mind and heart open to new experiences.

  2. I agree with the your whole post. I know my one friend just seems to always have bad luck. Nothing ever seems to go their way. I think its because he is always so negative and doesn't look at the positive; which Wiseman says people who seem to say pretty much that it could've been way worse and have good/better luck. The newspaper experiment is an awesome thing he did. I know I'd probably be the one to not see it but I'd still have a positive out look on the experiment.