Thursday, November 17, 2011

THE LUCK FACTOR: by Richard Wiseman

Wiseman’s article was very informative and interesting. I personally believe in superstitious things only because is part of life. I knock on wood when I say something bad, I sometimes do certain things because I believe they can change my circumstances but I know is not guaranteed. The article makes complete sense in terms of lucky and unlucky people; I used to think that certain people are just meant to be successful because they were just lucky. Luckiness is more than just a mere fortunate circumstances, it has everything to do with how an individual acts or behaves. The way they take life and deal with it. To lucky people, life is full of many opportunities; they don’t waste their time on things they cannot change. They spend their time exploring all that life brings their way. I absolutely believe in this article because I know a lot of happy people, people who take life less seriously, very optimistic and they are always happy. They tend to not focus on the bad, and could have been or would have been; they focus on what they do have and they are in content with whatever comes their way which make them seem lucky in life. When a person is always focused on what they don’t have, they fail to enjoy what they do have which makes them miserable.


  1. I agree-- optimism paves the road to luckiness!

  2. I also agree about how the article makes perfect sense in terms of lucky and unlucky people. Lucky people are more optimistic and explore all opportunities. They don't dwell on the bad things or things they cannot change. If people could change their attitude about events in their life and try to see the opportunities around them, maybe they can become more lucky.

  3. I agree optimism does lead to better luck.