Thursday, November 3, 2011


Personality can really make you love or dislike a person. In class we went over personality and how it can effect your motivation. We also looked over twins and how they may share personality traits and are related to one another; identical twins more then fraternal twins. I agree with this observation. I have twin best friends who are fraternal twins and they have totally different personalities. The one twin is so driven to do well in school, saves money, and prioritizes very well. The other twin is more emotional, she stresses about everything, and never seems to have her priorities on a good track. You can tell they have different personalities too with there group of friends and who they hang with. The one is in a sorority and the other one just loves to go out and party till the end of time; even with no money. The one who is in a sorority is the one who saves and does very well in school. She fits into the sorority live better then the other twin because the one who parties all the time, doesn't think she could put forth the effort to be in a sorority and she keeps to herself & her click of friends. The one who has her priorities straight, in her eyes anyway, thinks of living for the future more then living now for the present. She wants to achieve to make something of herself and doesn't complain about being in school one bit. The other twin doesn't seem to keen to being an overachiever in school. She just goes with the flow and says ill get to it when I get to it; meaning homework. Both have two totally different personalities and traits that come with it and motivation of both their personalities shows to. Especially with school; where one wants to do all she can and the other has no motivation to occupy herself with homework.

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