Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Luck Factor

Richard Wiseman's article, "The Luck Factor" was very interesting. It makes you rethink all of the times that we've been considered "lucky." In cheerleading, I would blame a loss of the fact that I didn't have my good luck charm, and oppositional to that, I'd thank my good luck charm for a win. When my mom won $10,000 at the casino, we thanked her good luck charm that she always has on her. Much emphasis it put into these superstitious things, often material objects. Our minds tend to forget about that times that our good luck charms have failed us.

The article's example of a bank robbery is a perfect example of how different people would perceive a certain situation. Some people may view this as lucky or unlucky. For example, if I survived the robbery with no injury, I would consider myself lucky. Others would view the entire situation as unlucky, whether they left in a healthy state or not.

After reading the after, I have a different view on luck. When I look back on situation, I wasn't as "lucky" as I thought. My team won competitions because of practice and hard work, not because of luck. Any situation that we deem as lucky, can be evaluated; We can most likely evaluate these situations and define why a certain outcome happened-without using the example of luck.

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  1. After reading this article, I also have a different view on luck and have tried to be a more positive person because of it. I look at situations now and realize how much worse they could have been than they really are and realize that I am lucky becuase of that.