Saturday, November 5, 2011

introvert and extrovert

I took the same quiz that Tara took regarding being introverted and extroverted and I actually had the same results. I am 60% introverted and 40% extroverted. I feel like these results are pretty true for me personally. The results said, "You're a bit outgoing but also a bit reserved. Like most people, you enjoy being social but you also value the time you have alone. You have struck a good balance!" I definitely enjoy being social and around my friends but there are times i would rather be alone.
I feel like having a combination of both extroverted and introverted traits is best because it gives a person a well-balanced personality. Someone who is 100% extroverted may come off as having an overwhelming personality while someone who is 100% introverted may seem impossible to build a relationship with. I think most people would fall in between the two categories as most students said. This also allows for people to get along well with others who may be opposite of them, because they compliment each other well.


  1. I agree that having a balance between an extroverted and introverted personality is very important. I also agree that someone who is 100% extrovert or introvert can be a difficult person to be around. A good balance of the two allows a person to have better social experiences and more successful relationships throughout their lives.

  2. If I were to take the same quiz I feel as though I would get a similar response. I like to be social but have my moments where it's nice to be alone. I definitely agree that having a balance is good because it can compliment both types of personality in other people

  3. I agree, having a balance between the two is not only likely to happen but is necisary to function in society. My first year here a had a roomate who was so introverted that he didnt speak to anyone in out building all year long, and you just cant make or maintain relationships like that.