Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Drives and needs refer to internal states that push a person into action to satisfy the drive or need. An interaction between an internal motive and an external incentive determines behavior. Psychological needs are a deficit of some psychological entity, while physiological needs happen when an internal body condition has deviated from a physiological set point. Drives are our internal pushing action of the physiological need.

Most humans are driven to defend ourselves. When we, ourselves, our loved ones, or our possessions are threatened... we are very quick to protect those things. It amazes me how there are people in the world who would not do whatever it takes to defend these things. There are those who sit back, and watch bad things happen all the time. What drives some of us internally to push for that physiological need of protecting others' feelings... and some people only want to protect their own?

Nine times out of ten it’s because of fear, not just the fear of the other persons reaction but the fear of their feelings getting hurt. Some people outweigh their worry of hurting someone else's feeling, and allow their own to be sacrificed. Maybe this is a matter of selfishness. Some people would rather protect their own feelings, than those of others. Selfishness is sign of weakness; It allows the person to protect their own feelings, rather than someone else's. The consequences of both can affect whether or not a person may defend himself or others. The overall problem is fear. Some of us fear a consequence will happen if they defend things they believe. Some people would rather take a personal hit to themselves, in order to protect others. External factors can force humans to alter their drive for protection in various ways. Some may call it selfishness, while others say that it is reality. This video below talks about the differences in the drive to defend yourself, versus defending others.

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  1. I feel that the large majority of the population are extremely driven to protect the ones they love. While I am an extremely shy person normally I will turn into a difficult person if I feel that my family, friends, boyfriend or daughter are threatened. Like you mentioned fear is probably the main reason why some individuals do not stand up and protect others or say something. This made me think of that video of the little girl from China being driven over by multiple cars and no one stopping to help. The majority of viewers were appalled that no one stepped in and helped this little girl. The main reason for this was probably fear. The bystanders were fearful of the consequences of their government if they stepped in. I read somewhere that the Chinese government has jailed people before for helping others.