Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Luck Factor

After reading this article by Richard Wiseman, I find myself having a slightly different perspective on the idea of luck. As the article described at one point, “some people look at luck in a magical sense”, this is something I am guilty of. Now this article is not going to completely change my life or my opinion on the topic at hand but it will make me think a little bit. While reading through, I thought about something that came to me, it seemed to me that Wiseman was essentially trying to say that only positive people tend to be lucky. This is a point that I disagree with. I am sure that there are plenty of pessimistic people in the world out there who fully enjoy their fair share of luck. Another angle Wiseman played was the idea that if you have a routine, you are less likely to make a chance encounter with either someone or some event that may occur; I am not buying this either. For example, he used the idea of meeting a potential spouse during a chance encounter, just because you have a routine this does not hurt your chances to meet a romantic partner. I don’t believe that if you visit different places that you have never been to then you are destined to meet your partner; you could meet your partner at your job, which blows this theory out of the water. But on the other hand, I did enjoy reading this article in whole, and did take away a few different aspects that I will keep an open mind to. Good luck!

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  1. I definitely agree with you to a certain extent; such things that Wiseman talks about may not necessarily produce good luck for everyone, and that those whom are pessimistic in nature may end up in good-luck circumstances regardless of how the article portrays it.