Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Luck Factor.

I found Richard Wiseman's article "The Luck Factor" interesting. The article stated that "Fifty three percent of people said that they were at least a little superstitious, and 25 percent admitted to being somewhat or very superstitious." I think the majority of people are a little superstitious in some way. My friends and I constantly knock on wood and we hold our breathes when we drive by cemeteries. We know that knocking on wood won't make something good happen to us or make something bad not happen but we do it anyways. I really enjoyed reading about chance opportunities and how "lucky" people are more open to them and therefore are more likely to experience situations where they can call themselves lucky. Doing something out of the norm and meeting new people can be exciting and people should be more willingly to put themselves in new situations. You'll never know what will happen or who you will meet. The experiment done with the newspaper and those who consider themselves lucky and unlucky was fascinating. The lucky and unlucky individuals differed in personalities and how they went on with life. The best part of the article was that people are not born lucky or unlucky and I feel that people need to realize this more often. You can be more open to opportunities that can change the outcome of your life by engaging in various new situations. If we are so wrapped up in our routine, thoughts, beliefs and expectations we can missing out on life.

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