Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Levels of Luck

Richard Wiseman's article about luck was really interesting. It was interesting to consider how different people apply good and bad luck in their lives. My interest was mainly geared towards the beginning of the article when Wiseman first discusses the superstitions and how people use these to enhance their good luck or avoid bad luck. For instance, when someone does something bad and just merely gets away with it, they consider that lucky. On the contrast, if they get caught, they consider themselves in that situation as unlucky. However, some believe that you make your own life choices and how they pan out is according to your own actions and reactions. While I don't know whether I truely believe in luck, there is part of me that believes people simply use it as an application of something they cannot explain. When something bad happens and they do not believe they deserve this, they explain it with seeing a black cat or walking under the ladder. Considering yourself lucky is just a way to say you got the desired outcome without exactly being able to explain why; and vice versa for being unlucky.