Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I really enjoyed reading this article. I think the stories in the beginning of the article about luck were intersting because it doesnt seem too far off from reality that those things happen often. I think luck is a very broad word though because the same thing could happen to five different people: they could think that the situation as luck, by chance, just ironic, faith, or God brought the situation together.
As the article states, 72% of Americans have a good luck charm- meaning they are at least somewhere superstitious. I am part of that 72%. I will not talk about a car accident when Im in the car, I get nervous when a black car runs in front of my car, and I think butterflies will bring good 'luck'. I know that these things arent going to significanty alter my life but its still a thought that runs through my head. I think its crazy when people truly alter their entire lives based on their superstitions.
The article also talks about people who are constantly lucky and people will constant misfortune. They generate their own good fortune and I was glad to read that in the article as well. People may think they are unlucky because they have been playing the lottery for years and still havent won. That doesnt mean you are unlucky whatsoever. The people who consider themselves lucky are the ones who make up their own luck (like jack in the Titanic:-)) If you believe that life is a gift and you dont want to waste it, you will receive that good fortune and good luck.
The newspaper study was really interesting. I suppose that the people who are lucky, who have a high opinion of themselves and life, are able to stop and smell the roses, or read the pictures in this case.
I still believe in luck but in the sense that I may find a 20 dollar bill on the ground and my day would be great the rest o the day. If I shatter a mirror (which ive done numerous times) my life will not be over.

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