Thursday, November 3, 2011

Introversion v. Extroversion

A major trait that is described in many human personality theories is the concept of being either an introvert or an extrovert. This whole idea essentially tackles the question as to whether or not a person is either shy or outgoing. Of course I will go on to define each end of the spectrum. Starting with the introverts, these are the shy, less sociable types. It would not be fair to say that if you are an introvert you have no friends necessarily, but it would not be too crazy to say that introverts are expected to have less friends than normal. On the opposite end there are the extroverts; these are the outgoing, friendly types that are not afraid to make their presence known. These are for instance, the popular types who you always see surrounded by a group of people, the ones who seem to have it all. These terms were coined by Carl Jung in his infamous theory.

If any of you are curious, which I of course assume that you could care less, I am clearly an extrovert. I love being outgoing, meeting new people, and playing sports with other people. I think we all (even the extroverts) may experience a phase here and there where we feel the need to be alone from time to time but overall I love being around people. People interests me. They provide great feedback and ideas that you may never have thought of yourself. Plus it never hurts if you have been fortunate enough to surround yourself with a group core group of friends. Quite frankly, I could not imagine myself being an introvert, I would not know how to handle it, but hey if that’s how someone likes to live then more power to them.

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