Sunday, November 6, 2011


Self-esteem is needed in everyone’s life. We all love to feel needed and wanted by the people around us. We grave for that respect from other people, which makes us feel important. People with low self-esteem are usually, not confident about any decisions they make. They also tend to make bad choices based on what they think others may like not what they like or want for themselves, is almost like they live for other people. They grave for attention and a sense of belonging from the people around them; especially the people they respect look up to or want to be like. Even though we don’t like to admit it, we all love attention or some kind of recognition from others. This makes us feel like we are worth something or have self-importance. Self-esteem is really important as part of the human need because of its great impact on our lives every day. Without it, we are not confident neither do we feel worth of anything or anyone. It has caused people to feel less than, therefore living their life as if they are not as human as everyone else. I personally know a lot of females who sleep around with a lot of men just to feel worthy because they do not feel this need within themselves, therefore they try to feel it by doing other things.

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  1. I agree that self-esteem is a very importnat part of human need. Human interactions and relationships shape self-esteem. I agree that self esteem impacts our lives everyday. It relates to the decisions we make, how we interpret and react to situations, and how we interact with the people in our lives.