Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Attitude Determines Luck

The Luck Factor article by Richard Wiseman was very interesting to read. Many of us still use old superstitions in our everyday lives. Personally, I still use "knock on wood" all the time. It lowers my anxiety and makes me feel better. If I say something that has never happened to me and if I don't "knock on wood", then I will blame it on the fact that I didn't "knock on wood" if it does happen,so it is my fault.
I found it very interesting that attitude can determine luck, but it all makes sense. A persons outlook on life and their reactions to events in their lives determines the type of person you are and how lucky you feel. Instead of being negative about an event in your life, you can always say "It could have been worse". Whenever I am disappointed about something in my life I say that and it makes me feel better. Wiseman also talks about changing routines may open doors and give you more opportunities. Change is good every once in a while and you never know what could happen. Also, the more open minded a person is seems to give them more luck because they notice other opportunities. Having an open mind for different things to happen is better than expecting just one thing to happen because you are less likely to be disappointed. I love this way of life and I hope to be able to live a positive life and be able to be more open minded. It is better to feel luck for the things we do have, rather than feel unlucky for the things we do not have.

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