Saturday, November 19, 2011


Counter-factual thinking is an interesting part of the Luck Factor discussed in Richard Wiseman's article. Lucky people looked at what terrible result might have happened and are grateful that it didn't. They have a more positive attitude about their future and that increases the likelihood that outcomes will remain positive. Unlucky people moan about the bad experience and see nothing positive. That attitude creates more bad luck. This article was great and really explains the luck factor well. Keeping his four principles in mind through all experiences in life will pretty much guarantee success in whatever you do. I always have wondered why my life has been so "charmed" Reading the article made it so clearer; my life has not really been any easier than anyone elses. The choices I made and attitude have helped me. Other books to read that also speak of "Luck" and positive thinking are The Secret and The Four Agreements. Both are inspirational, enlightening, and helped me get through some rough times. To re-read parts of the books helps to recenter positive thoughts. My husband has a simple method that he uses at times. He carries a small stone, calls it his "Gratitude Rock" in his pocket. he reaches for it when discouraged or sad and remembers all that he is grateful for in his life. That simple action changes his attitude, his behavior and his "luck"

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