Thursday, November 3, 2011

Personality and the Big Five

Personality is such a huge part of each individual. Every personality is different, which is what makes us all unique. I think to understand people, we first need to understand ourselves. It is important to know your personality type so you can make sense of your behavior. I love taking personality tests to see if they match my own opinion about my personality. Here is a great site to test your own personality. This site has a great test for determining where you lie in the Big Five Theory. Taking this test is fun and gives you some great insight into your own quirks. I know that I am very high in the Conscientiousness and Agreeableness scale, but lower in the extraversion portion. Knowing these things helps me makes sense of my feelings and behaviors and if I know that, then I can better control my actions. So knowing this, I know that if I am in a large group of people I might be uncomfortable, but I need to open up more and be outgoing sometimes. Personality is a great tool to motivate yourself to grow and get outside your comfort zone every once in a while.


  1. I agree Emily. Understanding yourself is the best way to get through life and grow as a person. Without understanding yourself, you will never know how to behave in different social situations. Understanding yourself helps in your social life and also your professional life. Being aware of yourself helps to know what is going to make good or bad impression.

  2. The big five personalty test is a great way to understand your current personality traits and see areas in which you can work on growing in. It can be nearly impossible for someone to completely alter their personality but if someone takes the personality test and realizes they score very low in agreeableness, they can focus on being more agreeable and making their personality more welcoming and friendly. Instead of just trying to change in general, having a focus point makes someone more conscious of ares they want to improve in and also makes progress easier.