Thursday, November 3, 2011

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?

In class we were having a discussion about introverted people and extroverted people. Introverted people are very kept to themselves, are not very outgoing, and don't speak up about things and extroverts are more 0utgoing and sociable. I feel that I am kind of in between because I have traits of both. If something is bothering me I do not always speak up. I do keep to myself sometimes, but I also like to meet new people. When I do meet new people I am still kind of quiet. As I have gotten older I noticed I speak my mind a lot more and love to go to sporting events and I am loud and outgoing in those type of situations. I took a test to see if I was an introvert or an extrovert and I was 40% extrovert and 60% introvert. So, I guess a person is not always one or the other. You can be a mix of both. Maybe, someone should come up with personality traits for people who are in between and not just classify a person as one or the other. Here is the link to the test I took for introvert vs. extrovert

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  1. when i took it i also got the same results you had. 40% Extrovert, 60% Introvert which means
    You're a bit outgoing but also a bit reserved
    Like most people, you enjoy being social
    But you also value the time you have alone
    You have struck a good balance!..I personally think is the best because sometimes depending on the scene you have to be reserved or loud and outgoing , so we know how to balance when most people do not know how to.