Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Final Post!

Out of all of the psychology classes I have taken, motivation has been one of my favorites. I have learned so much from this history of motivation, to the different types of motivation, and even the economics of motivation. This class has been extremely informative to me.

I never knew that there were three categories of arousal or that behavior depends on the interaction between the internal motive and an external incentive. I have learned so much including; how personality , moods and emotions, stress, homeostasis, and arousal are all related to motivation. I did not even know that motivation was connected to most of these things until taking the class. It is crazy just how much affects motivation.

To be motivated is to be moved by an action, behavior, or change in an action or behavior. Motives push a person into action toward an end state. One thing that I really enjoy about motivational psychology was that it was easily related to my former pseudoscience class. One of the articles I posted about was "The Luck Factor." The beginning of this article talks about different superstitions and myths that have been around for centuries and that so many people believe in. This was always a major topic in pseudoscience. It also talks about how many people carry good luck charms like rabbits' feet and how they believe that things like breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder will bring them bad luck and misfortune. However, through this class, I have learned that we actually create our own luck. When we are motivated and strive to succeed we can reach our goals. Having a positive attitude and living life to the fullest is what makes you feel lucky and fortunate. If you have a negative attitude and treat every little issue like it is a disaster then you are going to feel like you are unfortunate and unlucky and that nothing good will ever come your way. Through learning about emotions, moods, and stress related to motivation, my outlook on luck is that being truly lucky is loving and living life to the fullest and having a positive and appreciative attitude. It is just so interesting how motivation is so easily related to so many aspects of life.
Link 1 - This link is more related to what my new beliefs on luck are.
Link 2- This link is much more entertaining.


  1. Although I am not a psych major I do enjoy taking psychology classes. I agree this was one of my favorites. I was not sure what to expect in this class but you did a great job summing up all of the interesting aspects that we learned.

  2. I found this class to be very informative as well. It really opened my eyes to why people are motivated to do certain things, or why they behave in certain ways. Great post.

  3. Yeah this class really opened up my eyes on how to kep myself level headed and realized how i was really feeling in certain situations. It was nicd to learn why i want things and what i need to do to accomplish these goals i've oriented for myself.