Monday, August 4, 2014

Section Two

Throughout section two, the story really picked up and became much more adventurous. The topic of food and hunger was very prominent in this section and the lack of it became much more of a struggle. These men were stuck in dreadful, freezing weather while scavenging for food and I could never imagine being in that situation! I cannot stand the cold to begin with, anything under fifty degrees is not pleasant for me to be in. I try to stay dry and inside as much as I can during the winter months and while reading these chapters I really felt for these guys especially because they held such positive mindsets the entire time! That was hard for me to believe, I doubt I would be able to do the same if I were in their situation unfortunately. The fact that they can stay hopeful and continue to look on the bright side in such poor conditions is truly inspiring. Throughout the chapters these men grew more and more hungry, and with that being said, that was constantly a leering thought. When you are hungry it is very difficult to focus on anything else, your hunger starts to take over as if it had a mind of its own. Ship members were so hungry they got their food from whale blubber, hunger definitely becomes a driving motivation and you will eat anything you get your hands on in the time of need in order to satisfy your hunger. Even after the boat sank, Shackleton continues to keep his crew together like a team. I cannot imagine how devastating that must have been for him.. watching his dreams literally sink in front of him and still remaining a positive outlook. The main motivation now is the will for survival and I cannot wait to find out if they make it across the Antarctic! 

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