Saturday, August 9, 2014

Impulsivity & Self Control

As pathetic as it sounds, some of the children in the marshmallow video have much more self control than I would if placed in the same situation. However, I do have an incredibly strong sweet tooth to blame. The video was an incredibly eye-opening example of how so many people in today’s world strive for instant gratification rather than working toward a bigger payout in the end. The experiment regarding self-control and willpower made me further examine the choices that I make on a day-to-day basis and what stimulates me to make such choices. I find that I have less self control when I am experiencing stress compared to when I am relaxed. Especially when I am on a deadline, I find ways to procrastinate and give into temptations rather than complete an assignment. However, after reading The Willpower Instinct (which I will be discussing in a my book report post) I feel like I can easily increase the amount of self-control that I have. I’m hoping to implement some of the techniques and helpful advice given throughout the book in this upcoming semester. Hopefully I will not feel as overwhelmed during the semester and I will have enough willpower to resist impulsive and foolish choices. 

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