Thursday, August 7, 2014


I loved the slides about mate value! It is so true that we as humans rate people consciously or subconsciously in our heads. Getting to know someone we already have a prefixed idea of what we are searching for before we even have an intimate conversation with someone. And based on how we score them in our mind will determine if we consider them worth hanging out with again or even dating. It is amazing that we do this. We cannot just get to know someone, there is always an underlying goal behind every conversation that one has with another. It shows how selective we are as mammals. Attached I put a video of "the gold digger prank". Basically it shows how some people will not even give a person the time of day until they show them something that is desirable (in this case it is a lamborghini). Enjoy!

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  1. The video that you inserted definitely demonstrated how people in today's world judge others and what they believe to be important qualities in mates. Clearly, the girl was no where near interested in the guy pursuing her; I was somewhat surprised that she didn't even bother to mask her intentions when she blatantly asked, "Is that your car?" I can't agree more with your statement that we are incredibly selective, much more so than other mammals. Obviously, the woman in the video holds the financial security of her mate in much higher regards than any other qualities that the individual may posses!