Monday, August 4, 2014


Beginning the book Endurance was challenging for me. I had a hard time placing myself in their shoes because, let’s face it, we are worlds apart. I kept thinking to myself these men have an incredible sense of character via their strength, determination, passion and persistence. When I read their many uses for blubber I was completely appalled, especially, eating it. Our biggest concern in this generation is whether our cell phones are about to die or if we accidentally left it at home. These men were so dedicated to their cause that they didn’t contemplate trivial matters.  Every day they were legitimately struggling to survive, fighting for their lives, and enduring torturous conditions for their mission.

                After sometime, I began to find a parallel to my own world. No, my life does not even begin to compare to such bravery; however, we all are really just trying to survive and reach our own goals. Whether you’re a hurricane Sandy victim and you’re rebuilding your life piece by piece or you’re overcoming an addiction and beginning a new chapter of your life. The underlying message is that we all encompass this greatness, but are we using it? Personally, I tend to juggle too many hats at the same time. Frequently, I need to keep myself in check by making sure that what I’m sacrificing for, are things that will truly be worth something in the end. I believe Shackleton had similar thinking. He kept his eye on the prize, while remaining to be a tremendous leader and man of true character.

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