Monday, August 4, 2014


                The theory that women pick wealthier men because they can “provide for the family” and that men pick more attractive women because they are more “fertile” is a bit farfetched to me. In another generation, I might be able to believe this, however, our society is shallow and does not think about long term goals like these. They are fixated on immediate gratification, hence the terms gold digger and cradle robber. Although, I do agree that we are inclined to pick someone that is equal to our number in attractiveness. We are also apparent to it when we meet a couple where this balance is off, we wonder what happened.


  1. I agree with your opening statement; the idea too seemed to be too farfetched for me as well. However, I do believe that after further examination, there is some truth to the theory. Although our generation seems to but long term life goals on the back burner and puts instant gratification first, it is true that a "gold digger" is choosing his or her mate based on the individual's wealth. Furthermore, the lecture on reproduction did state that many species of male animals choose their mates based on attractiveness because an attractive female implies that the female is fertile and carries favorable genes. So although our generation is somewhat shallow, I do believe that the theory holds true; we all have innate tendencies to do whatever it takes to survive. The way in which we go about choosing mates is essentially how we choose to extend survival through offspring.

  2. A Roork,
    I do agree that the theory that women chose mates based on providing and men chose based on attractiveness cannot be taken literally. There are of course exceptions but this I agree with the overall concept of the theory. In todays society, and especially pertaining to us as college students, are looking to have a successful future. This shows value in being able to provide for ourselves and I agree that when picking a mate this is important for them to prioritize as well. As for attractiveness, I believe it is essential for a prosperous relationship but attractiveness does not solely mean looks. People can be attracted to each other because of interests, personality traits and chemistry. Overall, this theory does make sense to me and is relevant.