Monday, August 4, 2014


                The most interesting segment in this lecture was the portion on exercise because we don’t often think of it as an addiction. I was amazed to see how people can lose control and over exercise just to get that release of dopamine. Exercise Bulimia is a silent killer in America because we are a country that’s fixated on obesity. Below is a you tube video I found on a girl that overcame this disease and talks about her ongoing struggle with it. She explains how being underweight is often worse than being overweight. Interestingly, she says it’s difficult to keep herself in check because people constantly comment on her weight and tell her how great she looks. With alcohol or drug addiction, the addict is never being complimented for their drug abuse. I think this is an important diagnosis to get out there and make more people aware of.

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  1. While bulimia and anorexia is the topic of discussion, something that really bothers me is when people idolize these disorders. Some people believe that being skinny is the only definition of beauty and I hear girls say all the time, "she's so pretty she looks anorexic I'm so jealous," and it is such a shame they feel that way. On the other hand, calling someone too skinny can also offend some people because they may be insecure about it. There is no one definition of beauty, you should never comment on someones weight because you never know what they may be battling.