Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Section Five

Section five was intense! They finally set foot on land, after over a year of struggling! Being on land means finally having more food supply, and the men were super thrilled about this fact, until the weather turned on them and the cruel winds swept their tents away, they once again had to deal and suffer from frost bite. Meanwhile, Shackleton takes it upon himself to decide to go to south Georgia and bring four other men with him. As for the rest of the crew, they remained on the land and stuck together in order to survive and wait for the return of their crew members. Unfortunately, Macklin had his toe amputated which was brutal to read and think about because I could not imagine the intensity of the pain he had to endure. To my surprise, Shackleton and the four other men had been gone for 99 days, and some of the remaining crew began to doubt whether or not Shackleton would return. This bummed me out because if I was waiting on that island I would think that Shackleton must have died if he did not return because I know that would be the only thing to happen that would make him abandon his crew. After all that Shackleton has been through I would not doubt his loyalty, dedication, or motivation this far into the journey. I was proud that Macklin had faith in Shackleton because he deserves it, he has more than proven to be a great leader and he deserves all their faith and trust. I have high hopes for these men and I hope they all survive because they have all been through so much, this book is killing me!

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