Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Section Three

Throughout section three there are many more obstacles which makes the crews journey to Paulet Island seem even more challenging. At certain times, members of the crew start to lose faith. Hunger was a prominent issue in this section because seal blubber became very scarce for the men. Shackleton, being the inspiring leader he is, tried his best to motivate his crew and raise their spirits as well as truck on with their journey. He knew how devastating this was for his crew and it really warmed my heart when he allowed them to eat twice as much on Christmas because he thought they deserved it and wanted them to be happy. A lot of the men were almost at their breaking point with everything going on such as becoming super low on food and the freezing cold weather condition. It had gotten so bad that they ran so low on seal blubber Shackleton suggested that the men sacrifice and eat their own dogs in order to survive. Some men had strong bonds with the dogs and it become emotional for a lot of them. I could never imagine getting to the point of starvation where I have no other option but to eat my own dog, that's heartbreaking! On the other hand, the crew understands what needed to be done because the ultimate mission at this point is survival, and that is their main priority. I would not have been able to make it as far as these men did and they definitely deserve credit. However, everything seems to be getting harder and harder and the morale of the men seems to be getting lower and lower.

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