Saturday, August 9, 2014


While reading this lecture I found it quite funny but true at the statement that if we gain ten dollars we're  happy and we're like "alright cool, just got ten bucks" but when we lost ten dollars it actually upsets some of us and we feel like "I just lost ten whole dollars!" It sounds funny but it's actually pretty true, losing ten dollars is more dissatisfying than gaining ten dollars is satisfying. And what is also true is that as incentive value increases, so does your motivation. For instance, if someone offers you five dollars to clean their entire house you would most likely say no because that does not sound appealing or rewarding in any way. However if they offered you one hundred dollars you actually might do it because that is much more pleasing to you. On a different note, I am probably one of the worst procrastinators there are. I will put everything off until the last minute, because if I know I have a lot of time to get something done, I just think "Oh i can do it later, i'll do it at that time" but then I continuously keep putting it off until it's the very last minute. I never thought I was one to work well under pressure, however that seems to be the only way I ever get anything done.

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